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You may not realize it yet but you have a need. You see you bought this nifty little device that some call magical. It’s about 10 inches in diameter and you can touch, swipe and pinch all of your biddings at it. It’s sleek, slender and the product of modern design. It’s also a slippery little devil.

And while the tablet computer didn’t really exist but until a few short years ago, if you’re like me you can’t live without it. And while that may be an overstatement for some, regardless of which tablet you bought or how you utilize it, you certainly would have to admit two facts. The first, that at the very least you paid good money to change how you compute and secondly, gravity is a constant.

People are quick to recognize they can improve their chances of survival from the fall with a case but what would it be worth to actually lessen the frequency of the drop in the first place? Enter HELO.

You need a Tablet Strap, which conveniently was engineered to be used in tandem with your favorite case (or nothing at all) to keep the tablet in your hand.

Finally a solution that goes beyond protecting from impact. HELO fights gravity!

Remember that the next time you are replacing your screen at the tablet doctor…

Answering a Need

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Apple makes great products. They certainly set the bar for Big Ingenuity, a term I’ve never heard of before and feel I’ve just coined. BAM. I’m actually not going to stop writing this and look it up for fear that it actually already exists…

For now lets go with it.

Now back to my point: Apple, I’m a fan. And when the critical world was denouncing the iPad, calling it dead on arrival, I had my suspicions that it very well could live up to the “magical” hype. At the very least it could, in time, minimize my laptop as my constant office companion.

I bought one the first week they were on sale.

Opening that box was like seeing Santa slide down the chimney, you just couldn’t help but feel giddy at the possibilities of what was to come. And man did I enjoy it. I put my original iPad through it’s paces. I downloaded Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Enigmo. I was a business building machine …for an hour… till the thing slipped out of my hands and smacked the floor.

Uh oh.

I stared at it there on the ground with a handful of co-workers holding their breath to await my reaction, ready to lend a hearty laugh should it be okay… and a bigger one if it wasn’t. Turns out all was well. I had fought the law of gravity and won. But I was convinced this wasn’t going to be an isolated event. With my natural tendency not to hold the tablet from the ends but rather to place my iPad on the palm of my hand I resolved something simple should be done to help. I imagined a simple strap with elastic loops on each end. It couldn’t add bulk. It had to be easy to put on and remove and ideally it would have to work even if I put a case on the iPad. With this brilliant iPad accessory in mind, I could keep my tablet secured as I raced around the office. I set out to build a prototype that night. And with the help of a friendly neighbor the Helo Strap version 0.001 was born. It was hideous. It was embarrassing. It was perfect!

With the Helo Strap applied to my tablet I continued on my quest to conquer the iPad dissenters. About a week in I made the next obvious conclusion, a strap is only good IF IT ROTATES. Who wants to spend $800 on a tablet and then buy a $50 accessory that limits the iPad’s use? I didn’t! Surely this too could be easily figured out.

With more material and a Craigslist acquired sewing machine I set out to realize my imagination. A few short weeks worth of spare moments later I had a true prototype. A fully rotatable hand strap!

And suddenly also an answer to a need.