Why the name HELO?
HELO is a short name for Helicopter. A signature feature of our straps is their rotation that resembles the rotary blades of a helicopter. It’s also just fun to say!

What tablets will the Straps work with?
The Tablet Strap Pro, Tablet Strap 360 and Helo Strap 10 are designed for the 10+” diameter tablets. This includes the original iPad, iPad 2, the new iPad, Asus Transformer Prime, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Nexus & Galaxy Tab 10.1, Microsoft Surface (2.0) and more.

The Helo Strap 7 is designed for 7″ diameter tablets. Most notably the Apple iPad Mini.

What comes in the Elastic Loop Set?
The elastic loop set consists of four lengths of elastic loops. (Blue, Green, Orange, Red) It does not include the Black loop which is designed solely for the Helo Strap 7.

What colors does the Tablet Strap 360 come in?
Currently only in Black.

What colors does the Tablet Strap PRO come in?
Currently only in Midnight Black with Silver accents.

Will you ship internationally?
Yes! Our shipping department team members are master exporters. Order through our shopping cart and we’ll pack it up the next day!

Do you offer bulk pricing?
Yes! Simply go to Bulk Orders for more information or contact us directly at info@helostrap.com.

Can the TS360 be customized with a corporate logo?

Yes! We will need a high res image of your logo preferably as an EPS or Photoshop document but we can also work with JPEG’s, TIFF’s and PNG’s.

Can the TSPro be customized with a corporate logo?
Yes, but not cheaply. We are pursuing options that would make this easier for short runs.

What is the TSPro made out of?
A high quality genuine leather.

Where are your products made?
Our design team members are from the USA and Canada, all products are prototyped in Tulsa, OK and manufactured in China.